Supergirl and Lex Luthor ending explained

Lex Luthor Supergirl finale

“That he ends up shooting himself in the foot in such a spectacular way is very satisfying!”

Supergirl, It’s over. Season 6 ended last night in the United States. And in the last episode, serving as the “final series”, there were some beautiful moments. Attention spoilers!

Kelly and Alex’s marriage allowed the series to end on a happy note, for fans and the cast alike: “It was the last week of filming and Lena’s last scene. Obviously, full of emotions“Says actress Katie McGrath in TVLine.

But his brother from Supergirl, Jon Cryer, was not invited to the party! And for good reason, Lex suffered a fatal backlash in this final. Seeking to get rid of his “Super Friends,” Luthor opened a portal to the Phantom Zone in hopes of banishing them for good. However, his plan backfired and the Phantoms took him with Nxyly instead!

“I wanted Lex to win, so obviously I didn’t like it!” Jon Cryer says. “It is the end. Supergirl goes away. What if Lex wins? Give him something what …. But hey, it’s true that this ending worked well in a lot of ways because Lex is such a terrible person. Just like Nxyly. They are wonderful and horrible at the same time. “

The actor then deciphers how his fear led to his downfall: “His motivation throughout the series is righteousness and rage and the feeling that Superman’s arrival on Earth – not even Supergirl by the way, but Superman at the time – is an insult to Lex. He took it personally. That he ends up shooting himself in the foot in such a spectacular way is very satisfying because he is the epitome of the self-centered narcissist. His entire journey on the show leads us to that. ”

That being said, he is not dead and could therefore potentially re-point the tip of his nose in the Arrowverse one day : “I think that’s a possibility because in every prison he’s been in, he ended up managing everything in a matter of months. So I have no reason to believe that he wouldn’t do the same with the ghost zone. In that regard, he would be even more motivated by revenge The Phantom Zone will make him more dangerous than ever if he goes out … ” And why not to find the Man of Steel in Superman & Lois ? “I am open to this“tease Jon Cryer.”I loved being that Luthor in the Arrowverse, and I want to honor him. If the producers come up with some good arcs for the character, I’m absolutely up for it! “

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