Superhero in spite of himself: Philippe Lacheau steals the show from Kev Adams! [bande-annonce]

The creators of Babysitting and Nicky Larson return with a new comedy.

Soon after revealing that Superhero in spite of himself would open the Alpe d’Huez comedy festival, January 17, Philippe Lacheau unveils its trailer evening. A video filled with references to pop culture (including the scene of kissing the head upside down by Spiderman, which takes on a whole new meaning here!). It opens with a funny cameo from Kev Adams (which takes again in its sauce the famous giraffe scene from Very Bad Trip 3), who gets the lead role in the superhero movie Badman, before a bad twist of fate finally prevents him from interpreting it. Then place Cédric (Philippe Lacheau), an actor who will also have an accident in the wake of the good news, and wake up without knowing who he is. Finding the Badman costume by his side, accompanied by a message recorded for the shooting of the film, he will believe that he is indeed Badman and seek to finish a perilous mission … in real life!

Nicky Larson – Philippe Lacheau: “Comedy is not an exact science”

For the moment, we only see a brief overview of the misunderstandings that this situation will cause, but we do find the humor of the Bande à Fifi, Lacheau here again teaming up with its partners from Babysitting, Where Nicky larson : Elodie Fontan, Tarek Boudali and Julien Arruti. Will this new comedy be as successful as its elders? Response from February 9th.

Babysitting 2: A look back at the great success of La Bande à Fifi

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