Superman: Henry Cavill in Christopher Reeve’s original costume

Zack Snyder has shared a photo from the actor’s audition.

“As soon as I saw him, I knew he would be my Superman.” Zack Snyder repeated several times that he had been blown away by Henry Cavill during his audition for the role of Clark Kent. In 2017, he also shared a photo of the actor precisely at that time. The suit of man of steel not having been done yet, the British comedian had to try that of Christopher Reeve in Richard Donner’s blockbuster released in 1978. Cavill wasn’t as muscular as he is today, but his confidence pleased the director. “When you walk into a room wearing the costume and no one is laughing, you’ve won. When he came out, we could see that everyone was taking him seriously, even though they had laughed during the auditioning other actors, even very talented ones. Henry put it on, and it was radiating. You could feel his confidence, his composure… and I was immediately like, ‘wow. Okay, that’s Superman.’

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Henry Cavill was hired for man of steelreleased in 2013 and returning Sunday on TFX, then replayed the superhero in batman v superman and in Justice League at the end of the year. It should also have been entitled to a direct sequel, but Man of Steel 2 is no longer among the studio’s priorities. Too bad for him, because he has often repeated that he would like to get back into the suit

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