Suprêmes: a musical biopic as scholarly as agreed [critique]

Story of the beginnings of NTM. The dream of a great film about the birth of the hip-hop spark in France is shattered against the imperatives of biopic-Wikipedia.

François Mitterrand’s archive which opens Supreme, where the President questions the state of the French suburbs, offers a fairly powerful socio-political framework for NTM’s biopic. For a moment, we begin to fantasize a grand style fresco, which would tell how the music of Kool Shen and Joey Starr awakened a sleeping country and then accompanied its mutations. But this is a false trail: Audrey Estrougo’s film quickly turns out to be a very scholarly musical biopic, which blunts all the imposed figures of the genre and refuses to choose a guideline, an angle that would give real meaning to the genre. company, beyond the exercise of admiration and fan enjoyment. We will therefore be entitled, as in the parade, to an agreed succession of first times: first lyrics scrawled in a hurry, first concerts, first tour in the provinces in front of old puzzled keupons, first Zenith before the final launch into orbit… The energy, talent and investment of the two main actors, Théo Christine and Sandor Funtek, do not are not in question, on the contrary, nor even the rather successful reconstitution of France at the end of the 80s, already seriously disillusioned but not yet completely confused in despair. It is the normative power of biopic-Wikipedia, and its depressing succession of checkboxes, that messes everything up. After this wet firecracker, all eyes are now on The world of tomorrow, mini-series that will tell the same story, expected next year on Arte.

By Audrey Estrougo. With Théo Christine, Sandor Funtek, Félix Lefebvre… Duration 1h52. Release on November 24, 2021

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