Surprise: Sparks return to Cannes to show Edgard Wright documentary

After the musical Annette, the duo are entitled to their film, The Sparks Brothers. Here is our review.

July 6, the Sparks were in the spotlight on the Croisette, as composers of the soundtrack ofAnnette, Leos Carax’s musical starring Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver. The screening caused a sensation, and the organizers of the 74th Cannes Film Festival decided to surprise their guests by scheduling a screening of the documentary that Edgar Wright (the Cornetto Trilogy, Baby Driver…) dedicated to them. Soberly titled The Sparks Brothers, this one was presented by the duo, Mael and Ron Spark, at 3:30 p.m. Here is the review of First, pending its release in French theaters on July 28.

Cannes 2021: what is Annette, the opening film by Leos Carax, worth? [critique]

If you’ve never heard of the Sparks (to whom we also owe this month the soundtrack ofAnnette), Edgar Wright has found the perfect formula to present them to you: it is “The favorite group of your favorite group”. Musicians for musicians, the idols of Beck or Franz Ferdinandā€¦ A group both major and condemned for eternity to a certain confidentiality. Wright rolls out the red carpet for Russell Mael and his mustached brother Ron (“It’s Marc Bolan accompanied by Hitler”, John Lennon summed up one day) in this river rockumentary (2:20!), of course full of crazy songs, but very academic in its form: a series of archives and interviews in front of the camera, telling the epic chronologically … It’s very pleasant to watch, thanks to the class and the humor of the brothers. But one of the most extravagant and iconoclastic groups of the last half-century clearly deserved a more sophisticated setting.


Marion Cotillard – Annette: “Leos lives his cinema intensely”

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