Sweet Tooth: first info on season 2 [exclu]

Sweet tooth

The Netflix series has not yet been renewed, but the producers are already planning on the sequel.

After having conquered the critics, we do not doubt for a second that Sweet tooth will melt Netflix subscribers. The series was released this Friday on the streaming platform. Eight episodes that are quickly devoured. And after ? Is a season 2 planned?

We posed the question to producer Beth Schwartz and director Jim Mickle. If for now, Netflix has not yet ordered season 2, Sweet tooth does have a future according to them:

The possibilities are limitless. We only scratched the surface of this world in Season 1. We only showed a few pockets of communities that flourished after the virus outbreak. That’s exactly what’s cool about this series: seeing Gus meet all these different people, learning from everyone. We’ve only seen a little bit of it so far … “

With Sweet Tooth, Netflix offers itself a post-apo-poetic tale (review)

Effectively, Sweet tooth is adapted from the 40-issue comics by Jeff Lemire, published from 2009 to 2013. So there is still a lot to explore for the series.

We hope that season 1 will be able to please the public. Then we’ll see. But actually hope to be able to explore all of this in several seasons thereafter. “

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