Taika Waititi: How his bad experience on Green Lantern helped him for Thor 3

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Warner Bros.

The director gave the reply to Ryan Reynolds in 2011.

To stage Thor: Ragnarok, Kevin Feige, the boss of Marvel, appealed to Taika Waititi. A choice that may seem surprising, because the then 42-year-old New Zealand director had until now been known for his independent dramas (Boy, Hunt for the Wildepeople…) and his crazy comedies (the mockumentary Vampires in privacy taken from one of his short films). Once in front of the blockbuster, we understand that Taika was precisely chosen for his particular humor: Ragnarok is the funniest episode of the saga Thor, and this is largely due to its director, who encouraged his actors to improvise as much as possible on set, as he explained in the press in 2017. Flashback, on the occasion of the rerun of the blockbuster on TMC.

“Thor Ragnarok is 80% improvisation”

Arriving on Thor 3, Taika Waititi was not totally devoid of superheroic experience, since in 2011 he was on the bill of Green Lantern, as Tom Kalmaki, Hal Jordan’s best friend (Ryan Reynolds). In particular, he shared with him THE scene presenting the costume in digital. An idea mocked since by the star of the film within Dead Pool (2016). Extract :

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Taika Waititi did not keep a very good memory of this blockbuster from Warner Bros. In 2014, he thus explained to the Daily Mail Australia that he had often wondered what he was doing on set: “I suspected that the film would be poorly received. It’s typically the kind of production where you can’t change anything, propose anything. For example, I had this scene to shoot with a line of dialogue that didn’t move the story forward. story and didn’t even really fit the scene. Anyway, I suggested a change, then outright not to make myself appear during the sequence. They told me to close it and play my part. So there I was, on set doing nothing at all, and I was like, ‘what the hell am I doing in this movie?'”

More recently, when he was already promoting Thor 3, the person concerned specified to Comicbook.com that this bad experience had however helped him to work on the Marvel blockbuster. “On Green Lantern, I wanted to do a good job. I spent a lot of time hanging out on set, watching how Martin Campbell. He’s a good director, he’s very effective. But I work differently. It helped me see how other superhero movies were made, big studio movies. I started to realize why some of these blockbusters didn’t work.”

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Hence this desire to bet on improvisation. Taika has surrounded himself with excellent comic actors for this sequel, starting with Jeff Goldblum, and he gave them the opportunity to have fun, let loose and come up with things on set. While adhering to the guidelines of Kevin Feige, it created an atmosphere that clashes with that of other superhero blockbusters. For more details on the manufacture of Thor: Ragnarok, here is our joint interview of the director and Jeff Goldblum :

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Ragnarok So it’s back on television tonight, and we’re waiting for news from his sequel, Love & Thunder, recently toured Australia with the same team. Note that since the release of the Marvel blockbuster, Taika Waititi and Ryan Reynolds have collaborated again for a movie, Free Guy, released during the summer of 2021 at the cinema.

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