Taika Waititi talks about her Star Wars movie: “I think he looks like me”

After The Mandalorian, the director will find this universe for the duration of a feature film.

Taika Waititi is everywhere this summer: in addition to reuniting with Ryan Reynolds, his best friend Green Lantern, in Free Guy, he makes a cameo in The Suicide Squad, by James Gunn, while preparing Thor: Love and Thunder, which was filmed in Australia. He should then film a new Star wars, currently being written with Krysty Wilson-Cairns. “We are only at the very beginning, still in the phase: ‘Outside. Space.’ (with reference to the notes that open the scenes on the scenarios, editor’s note), he explains to Wired. But we have a story to tell. I’m very happy, because I think it looks like me. “

Taika Waititi to direct a Star Wars movie with the 1917 screenwriter

A reassuring remark, knowing that apart from JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson, few directors have managed to impose their style in the films Star wars recent, and for good reason: Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired while filming Solo, to be replaced by Ron Howard, the reshoots of Rogue One were shot by Tony Gilroy and not Gareth Edwards, the original director, and Colin Trevorrow eventually stepped down as director on The Rise of Skywalker to Abrams, after months of working on it. Taika Waititi, however, seems to have found a way to blend into the universe of Star wars : the episode of The Mandalorian that he realized at the end of season 1 was adored by fans of the saga, and he specifies that he “always looking for a way to show some sincerity through (his) films. I like ‘having’ the viewer by making him believe something, that he say to himself: ‘Ah, that’s it!’, Since he thinks’ Shit then, you made me feel something, there ! ‘”

This film Star wars does not yet have a release date, the next to be released in theaters being Rogue Squadron, scheduled for December 2023 at the cinema. Filming is slated to take place next year under the direction of Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman).

Star Wars Rogue Squadron Goes Forward, Hires Screenwriter

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