Taika Waititi to direct Tower of Terror for Disney

Scarlett Johansson will also be in the credits of this film around the most famous attraction of Disney parks.

Taika Waititi, the director already titular at Disney after his remarkable passage in the Marvel franchise and the universe of the god Thor (Thor: Ragnarok), is now embarking on a project specific to the Disney universe: a film about The Tower of Terror. Soon, the famous attraction, discovered by the American public in 1994 and by the French in 2007, will benefit from a film in its name.

Disney is preparing a (new) spin-off of Tower of Terror

After a TV movie released in 1997 with Kristen Dunst, the Tower of Terror is therefore offering a new feature film, the screenplay of which was written by Josh Cooley, from a pitch by John August (Big fish). Scarlett johansson, who recently saw a few waves with Disney over the theatrical and Disney + release of his latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Black Widow, will be in the credits of this realization, as an actress and producer of the film. This collaboration, between Waititi and Johansson, follows that of Jojo rabbit which attracted 408,831 theaters in France.

Note that Taika Waititi has been preparing his return to cinema since Jojo rabbit (released in 2020) with one of the MCU’s new films Thor: Love and Thunder.

Scarlett Johansson reconciles with Disney, after Black Widow’s release on Disney +

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