Tales of chance and other fantasies: grace incarnate [critique]

Three short stories brought together for a great film around the feeling of love. The new gem from the director of Drive my car.

A young woman who discovers that her best friend has just started an affair, without knowing it, from her ex. A young mother who resumes her studies and falls under the spell of a successful teacher-author who, by rejecting her advances, causes her infinite pain. A misunderstanding that allows two women to reconcile with a lost person. Three independent stories but linked by a common theme: the feeling of love and the maze it takes between past and present, through chance and coincidence, to become the common thread – sometimes exhilarating, sometimes painful – of our lives. In this award-winning work in Berlin in 2021 before drive my car imposes it definitively on the international scene, Ryūsuke Hamaguchi tries out a new genre. He, accustomed to long-term stories (5h17 for Senses3 hours for drive my car) ventures into the realm of short films like the sequence of three short stories. But without losing anything of everything that makes up the quiet power and bewitching charm of his cinema: the infinite delicacy of his direction, his taste for long dialogues of infinite poetry and fascinatingly complex female characters. As the title suggests, there’s Rohmer in these Tales of chance and other fantasies and indirectly from Hang Sang Soo, but these influences are both assumed and digested by a filmmaker who has no equal in exploring the human soul and its intricacies in a gesture of fascinating fluidity and purity.

From Ryusuke Hamaguchi. With Kotone Furukawa, Kiyohiko Shibukawa, Fusako Urabe… Duration: 2h01. Released April 6, 2022

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