Tanguy: a return without waves [Critique]

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SND / Nac Films

Not shown to the press, the new Chatiliez is not the feared nanar. Not enough to climb the curtain either.

M6 will offer at 9:05 p.m. Following Tanguy, theatrical release in spring 2019. Is it worth a look? Here is the opinion of First :

From the first Tanguy, eighteen years have passed. In the meantime, Étienne Chatiliez has seriously fallen into line and Éric Berger has returned to play in the theater and the utilities in the cinema. To say that we were waiting for their return would be an exaggeration, indifference visibly taken into account by the distributor who did not show the film to the press, fueling the wildest fears about it. Let’s deflower the (non-existent) suspense right away: Tanguy, the return meets expectations, neither good nor bad. After the terrible Uncle Charles, it even marks a slight start on the part of Étienne Chatiliez who finds his characters with an obvious appetite. He begins by filming the unblemished happiness of Paul and Édith Guetz, blessed retirees shared between their rounds of golf with friends and binge-watching TV series. Without spots, or almost: Paul does not stop urinating, the fault of his defective prostate. Yes, pee-poo humor is still the order of the day, as are social clichés: the bourgeoisie are confused with snobbery, the employees, colored and the Chinese, invariably Zen. The Chinese ? We come there.

Tanguy: Sabine Azéma and André Dussollier let go, and offer an energetically nutty service [critique]

Azéma-Dussollier always valiant

Tanguy is therefore back, with his daughter, Zhu. Meï Lin having left them, he left Beijing to recharge his batteries with his parents. The reunion is cordial, despite the history we know. This round of observation is filmed in a lifeless way, in the confined space of the modern Guetz apartment. Tanguy is like absent, his daughter, resourceful and philosopher, the (grand) -parents, not yet worried. The spectator bites his nails while waiting for the spark. It is Edith, the priceless Sabine Azéma, who lights the fuse. Tanguy and Zhu don’t care about them, that’s for sure! It’s go again. Paul deals stuff, Edith finally drops crap. Chatiliez has lost none of its bite, but it is as if it has been stuck in the necks. Persistent impression of deja vu. The epilogue is, on the other hand, rather well seen, putting each of the characters in a somewhat unexpected place and revealing a form of self-criticism on the part of a filmmaker who may not be as bad as he is. always gave the air.

Trailer :

André Dussollier: “Tanguy is an insolent subject and finally a real comedy”

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