Tastes and colors: a trailer all in song

Michel Leclerc returns with a new comedy, three years after La Lutte des classes.

Tastes and colorsthe new feature film by Michel Leclerc will be released on June 22, starring Felix Moati (The Big Bath) and Rebecca Marder (A young girl who is well). This time, it’s no longer in the schoolyard of Class struggle that we meet again, but in a music studio, between mourning and meeting.

Marcia, a passionate young singer, records an album with her idol Daredjane, a 1970s rock icon, who suddenly disappears. To release their album, she must convince Daredjane’s beneficiary, Anthony, a marketer in a small town, who has never liked his distant relative and even less his music. Between good and bad taste, popular and chic, sincerity and lies, their two worlds collide. Unless love, of course…

The teaser :

In the role of Daredjane, we find Judith Chemla who will be next to Philippe Rebbot, Eye Haidara, Artus, Baya Kasmi and Francois Morel. The film was selected in a parallel selection of the next Cannes festival, Junior screens, with seven other works. He could thus receive a prize from college and high school students who are film enthusiasts.

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