Taxi 3: When Sylvester Stallone played a spy for Luc Besson

Taxi 3: When Sylvester Stallone played a spy for Luc Besson

This opening cameo parodies James Bond. Pierce Brosnan had also been courted…

TMC rebroadcasts the saga Taxi Thursday night. At 9:15 p.m., place at number 3, released in January 2003 at the cinema (opposite a film entitled A Taxi for three… You can not make that up !). Directed by Gérard Krawczyk from a screenplay by Luc Besson, Taxi 3 opens with a cameo by Sylvester Stallonea spy trying to escape mysterious villains, who is taken at high speed through the streets of Marseille by Daniel (Samy Naceri) before being dropped off under a helicopter and flying off to new adventures…

This intro scene openly parodies James Bond, and at the time, this cameo had also been proposed to Pierce Brosnan, but the current contract of the interpreter of 007 prohibited him from donning the costume without the agreement of its producers. Luc Besson then thought of Sly, who had let it be known in an interview that he would have liked to shoot in one of his films. Ironically, Brosnan lost the contract soon after and Die another day released in 2002, remains his final Bond incarnation.

Stallone agreed to shoot this action scene on the condition that it be filmed in Los Angeles, near his home. Samy Naceri and a small team therefore went to the United States for the time to film the sequence, then part of the chase was filmed in France in order to be able to “to cheat”, because on the screen, the whole scene takes place in Marseille. Sly was dubbed by his official French voice, Alain Dorval. Here is the excerpt:

The funny story of the Taxi saga at the box office

The story behind this sequel: It’s December in Marseille. Daniel adds options to his taxi and Lili sees red. Commissioner Gilbert is blindsided by Qiu, his Japanese trainee, and his investigation stalls. Emilien sees Santas everywhere and Petra gets impatient. From Marseille to Tignes, from La Canebière to the ski slopes, the adventure can begin…

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