Teen Wolf back? Tyler Posey is campaigning for a season 7!

Tyler posey

“If the other cast members don’t want to come back, I’m ready to do it on my own!”

It has been four years since Teen wolf ended, at the end of six seasons which unleashed passions. And fans have been dreaming ever since of a season 7 … to which Tyler posey don’t say no. Far from it. The central interpreter of the series admits this week in the “Zach Sang Show” to be completely open to a revival of Teen wolf :

I’m so proud of this character (…) People talk to me about it all the time, it’s sometimes a bit exhaustingt (…) But it also makes me wanna do more Teen wolf. We have to give these people what they want. I want it too !” he said first, referring to a revival of the show, after several years.

“It was definitely a necessary break” specifies the actor, who admits to having needed to move away and to do something else. “But (a new season) it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.” He has also obviously already thought about it, since he explains that the characters should now have grown up, that they are in their thirties, like him today, leaving the high school atmosphere behind. “It would be cool to see what goes on outside of school for that bunch of savages! “

The idea has been circulating on the side of MTV for quite some time obviously. And Tyler posey concludes by suggesting that, according to “The dynamic“that he still feels today, the other members of the cast would certainly be up for coming back to do Teen wolf. “And if they don’t want to come back, I’m ready to do it on my own!”

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