Ten Percent: Andréa will go to New York in the TV movie!

Ten percent - season 4
Christophe Brachet – Mon Voisin Productions – Mother Production – France Télévisions

A fifth season is also planned.

Imagined by the former agent Dominique Besnehard, series Ten percent Since its launch in 2015, it has enjoyed worldwide renown, supported by its international distribution on Netflix and its prize for best comedy received at the 49th International Emmy Awards ceremony. An international recognition testified by the numerous international variations of the program (in England, India, China, etc.) but also by the foreign spotlights trained on the series and its sequel. Because if the fourth season was presented as the last, the resounding success of the French series has since allowed the renewal of the program for a season 5 and a TV movie. And regarding this unit of 90 minutes to come, we know more about the plot.

Ten percent: the bling bling teaser of the Bollywood version

In a recent interview with variety, Nicolas Mercier, new showrunner of the series having succeeded Fanny Herrero, explains that Ten percent will be exported to New York in the announced TV movie. “It will open with Andréa in New York and then move to France, we will give an American point of view on filming in France and it promises to be quite colorful” he declares. This opening corresponds to what Dominique Besnehard had previously announced, who already mentioned in January 2021 his desires for his creation: “We are examining several projects with France Télévisions (…) Maybe we’ll do a unit already. Maybe in New York and then we would go back to a series, with a season 5″.

Ten percent in New York before season 5?

But concerning this season 5, RAS. For the moment, no details have been given. Lovers of the serial format of Ten percent will therefore for the moment have to be content with international remakes and in particular the British one, co-produced by the original producers of the French series. Aurelien Larger, of Mother Production, detailed at variety than “It’s a very rare achievement for a French series to be remade in the UK and even more so for French producers to be creatively involved in it, but we have always kept in mind that a good remake must betray the original and this is especially true for Britain, whose culture is so vibrant.”

True to the spirit of the series, which depends on the film culture of the country concerned, Ten percent will become in the UK Call my Agent! and will be firmly rooted in London, highlighting different aspects of the local entertainment industry, with a particular focus on theatre. The UK remake will also be more focused on professional drama and dark humor than the French original.

Finally, it is not impossible that the remakes intersect: Camille Cottin could make an appearance as Andréa Martel in London in the next seasons of Call my Agent!

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