TF1 stops the broadcast of Harry Potter in the middle of the saga

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TF1 stops the broadcast of Harry Potter in the middle of the saga
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The channel reprograms La Folle histoire de Max et Léon, then An Indian in the City, instead.

TF1 announced in June the rerun this summer of the entire saga Harry potter, Thursday at 9:05 pm: “Vacation for Muggles, Back to School for Wizards!”

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Since July 1, the first four films have in fact been scheduled in this niche, but despite the success of The Goblet of Fire last week, the channel decided to stop this magical rendezvous by offering July 29 The Mad story of Max and Leon, then An Indian in the city, August 5.

TF1 did not justify this decision, but the hearings are obviously not the cause: the day after the rebroadcast of School of wizards, the channel congratulated itself on Twitter for having been leader by attracting 3 million viewers, that is to say a third of the market share of the under-50s. Since then, these good results have even increased to reach 3.7 million people in front of The Goblet of Fire, last Thursday.

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Is the cause to be sought on the side of new agreement signed between TF1 and several professional cinema organizations to make its multi-broadcasts more flexible on the group’s four channels (TF1, TMC, TFX and TF1 Séries Films)? Or is this deprogramming due to the fact that Harry potter is rather perceived by the public as a winter saga that is equivale? In any case, many fans have expressed their disappointment when they discovered that Order of the Phoenix, by David Yates, was no longer scheduled for Thursday, July 29 in prime time, recalling in passing that the replay of films has already been interrupted before the end in the past: in 2016, four feature films were offered during the summer, but not the first two, nor the final shutter cut into two parts …

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