That’s it, Tom Cruise broke his own worldwide box office record thanks to Top Gun 2

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Passing the 800 million dollars in revenue, this sequel beats Mission: Impossible Fallout (2018).

Even before the theatrical release Top Gun: Maverickbox office experts predicted it would be the Tom Cruise’s biggest box office startand perhaps even his biggest hit “ever”. It is now confirmed: on Thursday, the blockbuster reached 806.3 million dollars in revenue on the planet, including 422 in the United States alone. This is more than the star’s previous record, Mission: Impossible Falloutwhich had collected 791 million greenbacks worldwide in 2018. It could even be the first film of the career of Tom Cruise to cross the billion dollar mark.

Achieving such a feat at the age of 59 is not trivial for a Hollywood star, and this success is well deserved: Joseph Kosinski’s film, produced by Paramount, receivedgreat reviewsand its lead actor and producer has always supported its release exclusively in theaters.

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In France, where successes are counted in number of admissions, and not in receipts, it is Rain Man which remains well ahead of Tom Cruise’s ranking, with 6.4 million tickets sold in 1989. Then come Impossible mission (4 million), M:I 2 (3.9), War of the Worlds (3.8), Minority Report (3.6) and Top Gun (3.6). Thanks to 3.3 million admissions recorded in three weeks, Top Gun: Maverick should logically beat Tony Scott’s original released in cinemas in 1986, but nothing says for the moment that it will reach the record of Rain Man

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