That’s Love – Bouli Lanners: “On reading, some scenes were pretty jarring”

Director Claire Burger’s first solo film arrives unencrypted on Arte. We had met the director and her actors to talk about it.

Worthy heir to Pialat, Brize or some Dardenne brothers, the director Claire Burger likes to surround himself with amateur actors to draw their humanity and transcribe it on the screen. For his first solo film, That’s love (acclaimed at the Festival des Arcs and released in cinemas in spring 2019), she nevertheless went to find the actor Bouli Lanners to play a role inspired by her own father (the film, although not autobiographical, is largely drawn from a moment in the director’s life).

As a distraught father having to take care of his two daughters alone following the departure of their mother, the Belgian actor is gripping the truth and moving. We discussed the casting with Claire Burger and its method with her actors: Bouli Lanners, Justine Lacroix and Sarah Henochsberg … An interview to (re) discover to wait until the film is broadcast, at 8:55 pm on Arte.

This is love: a moving family portrait [Critique]

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