The 10 best roles of Bruce Willis

The best roles of Bruce Willis
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From Clair de Lune to Moonrise Kingdom, a look back at ten outstanding performances by the star who has just retired.

In 2018, on the occasion of the cinema release of Death Wisha new version ofA vigilante in the city or Bruce Willis found himself in the shoes of a surgeon taking up arms to avenge a violent attack on his family, First had concocted his top 10 of the best roles of the American actor. While he has just announced his retirement, due to illness, we share these outstanding performances.

Suffering from aphasia, Bruce Willis stops his acting career

Death Wish is a good and solid action movie, where Willis is invested. Good news, given the recent film of the man who enters DTV sales and not very crazy cameos, is not unforgettable. However, this Willis best-of will remind you how much he knows how to be an obviously brilliant actor.

Moonlight (1985-1989)

The series that made Willis a superstar in 1980s America: one of the greatest series of that era that was constantly innovating (the actors spoke to the public, the technicians dismantled the set live and the characters asked about the opinions of ABC executives)… Bruce Willis plays a private detective, but not in badass gunslinger mode. Moonlightit is the forgotten Willis, pre-crystal trap, a prolific Cary Grant who won trophies for his talent as a comic actor. He even caught the eye of Blake Edwards who then engaged him in Drink and setbacks (1987), but Kim Basinger stole the show.

crystal trap (1988)

The film that transformed the essay. We have already detailed within the mook Première Classics the secret story of John McTiernan’s groundbreaking and brilliant actioner. One of the film’s genius features: making the hero not a police Rambo but a “blue collar” New Yorker who spends the entire film wetting his jersey – with his blood and his sweat. We know the rest.

The Last Samaritan (1991)

Often poorly considered compared to its glorious elders (it is treated as a sub-Fatal weapon or sub-diehard depending on the season), The Last Samaritan nevertheless remains a pleasing script of buddy movie signed Shane Black, well shot by Tony Scott (the opening football match), carried of course by the dynamic between Damon Wayans and Willis. His alcoholic and indestructible private cop character with .44 caliber punchlines is certainly arch-classic, but Willis seizes the archetype to make it a creation as unique as it is brilliant. To (re) taste preferably in VF –Glory to Bruce’s voice actor, Patrick Poivey !

Hudson Hawk, gentleman and burglar (1991)

One of Bruce’s legendary filmo flops, also writer and producer: he was tailor-made with Joel Silver and Steven De Souza (the geniuses behind diehard) this Yankee character from Arsène Lupine who went in search of Leonardo da Vinci’s lost treasure. A perfectly cool and musical adventure film (the heist scene to the sound of Bing Crosby is legendary) that continues to miss its appointment with history, but one day, we know, Hudson Hawk will return.

pulp Fiction (1994)

Tarantino’s Palme d’Or resurrected Travolta, and this comeback somewhat overshadowed Willis’ performance in the second act. That’s a shame. An incredibly dense and mute punchy boxer performance that heralds the David Dunn ofUnbreakable.

The Army of the Twelve Monkeys (1995)

Willis in psycho mode: It’s interesting to see him in the Terry Gilliam classic rubbing shoulders with the insane and leaping Brad Pitt of 1995. Rather than playing madness as a physical disorder, Willis internalizes it and lets nostalgia devour him . Shocking.

A day in hell (1995)

Even if we really like it here 58 minutes to livethe true sequence of crystal trap, this is the third episode. Where McTiernan wakes up his McClane in the middle of a post-divorce hangover to go eat the bitumen of New York. Radical and spectacular, but also applies to the crazy perfs of Samuel L. Jackson and Willis who embrace all the laughing nihilism of his hero.

Sixth Sense (1999)

In a decade of packing more or less mundane action films, Willis reinvents himself on the eve of the year 2000, through the grace of Shyamalan’s camera. Bruce becomes Malcolm, a child shrink who finds himself in charge of a strange kid… You know the rest: it’s probably the first time he makes us cry.

Unbreakable (2000)

One of the best superhero movies ever made, Night Shyamalan’s best movie, and Bruce Willis’ best role. All that ? Yes, and much more: a pure mystery film, a reflection on pop culture, mythology, the heroes of America, love and the couple… Willis embodies all of this to perfection. So where is his Oscar?

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

The best remedy for pantouflage, and the best way to regain credibility: accept a role with Wes Anderson, who never stifles his characters under his style but makes them perfect little puppets. In the very beautiful Moonrise Kingdom, Willis is a bespectacled, paternalistic and affectionate sheriff. A small role, certainly, but essential and which would almost avenge us for the last two diehard.

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