The 10 world beyond revelations to remember for the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead World Beyond

The two-season spinoff series has just ended. After 20 episodes – frankly uneven – this is what to save for the rest of the franchise.

Yes The walking dead progressing slowly but surely towards its conclusion, with the season 11 finale which will end in 2022, the serial universe (more and more freely) inspired by Robert Kirkman has not said its last word. Far from it. The spin-off World Beyond, which has just finished in France on Prime Video, has not moreover solved much and has rather opened new avenues for the future. So, what should we remember from the limited series, after two seasons and 20 episodes? Which characters will return? What revelations from World Beyond will have an impact on The walking dead ? Attention spoilers!

After the World Beyond finale, Jadis will return to the Walking Dead universe

France, the origins and the “new” zombies

Let’s quickly move on to the massive revelation of the post-credits scene: During a long surprise streak, we were apparently told that the undead virus was “born here“, in this French biomedical laboratory! Unless it is about a” variant “making the Walkers more lively, stronger, more aggressive … Walking dead universe, Scott Gimple, already suggests that this will not really have a direct impact in the other current series, but that this intrigue made in France would rather serve to tell a “new story“. Independent? In the future anthological spin-off Tales of The Walking Dead ?

Rick is most definitely in Philadelphia

Four years after his departure, we still do not know what the sheriff played by Andrew Lincoln does, or why he never returned to Alexandria with Michonne, Judith and RJ. We can only guess that he was integrated into the Civil Republic. And the final episode of World Beyond seems to confirm it, revealing in passing that the capital of the community is none other than Philadelphia! One of the last final scenes takes us inside the walls of this famous “hidden city” and the monuments visible in the background effectively unveil the two iconic skyscrapers of Philly: One Liberty Place and Two Liberty Place. So Rick would most definitely be there.

Walking Dead world beyond final

Does Lieutenant-Colonel Elizabeth Kublek know Rick?

He is never mentioned in the series. The sheriff’s name is never mentioned, although Jadis does not mention his history with Rick. Suddenly, impossible to know if the head of the CRM has crossed paths with the leader of Alexandria in recent years. But it is still more than probable and besides, the actress Julia Ormond confirms: “It comes from my own imagination, but as I see it, I think Elizabeth met him”, said the Lieutenant-Colonel’s interpreter to TVInsider. ” But I don’t think he fitted in the way he should have. Either way, it would be a great story if Elizabeth met him afterwards. I have a feeling that at some point it will happen, although I like the idea that Rick has already passed Elizabeth without knowing who she was … “

CRM is not CR

You only spend a few seconds in Philadelphia, so life in the Civil Republic remains a mystery. How was this safe haven built? Who directs ? What transpires, however, is that the CRM (Civil Republic Military) is the armed wing of this new civilization, the military branch, which conducts its own operations, without necessarily the approval of the leaders and therefore of the political leaders in office. in Philadelphia. This implies that the Civil Republic may not be, in and of itself, a demonic place. The atrocities committed by his soldiers, in the name of humanity, obviously only engage his army, which is ready to hide them under a horde of zombies …

Walking Dead world beyond final

CRM is really monstrous

And what exactions! Indeed, the soldiers are not content to shoot at the curious little ones who would threaten the security of their sanctuary. They are downright ready for genocide. What they did in Omaha, by gassing tens of thousands of survivors, without further trial, on the sole grounds that the Campus community was on the way to becoming completely dependent on the resources of the Civil Republic. And they almost did the same in Portland …

There is a solid refuge in Portland

The city of Oregon, on the far north of the West Coast, is still standing and obviously strong. It has 87,000 inhabitants and could thus perfectly accommodate some survivors of other series in search of shelter. It’s a bit far for the Alexandrians, but maybe not for Morgan and his friends from Fear the Walking Dead (who roam the Midwest). Desperately looking for a shrine named “Padre”, so they might as well rebuild a life on the Portland side … Someone would have to warn Strand that his tower isn’t the only way out.

Walking Dead world beyond final

Where does the Commonwealth fit into the Alliance?

It is a form of revelation (if you will): the Commonwealth of Pamela Milton is never mentioned in World Beyond. However, this is another huge community located on the edge of the American east coast. So not far from Philadelphia. And knowing that the Civil Republic has formed an alliance with cities like Omaha and Portland, thousands of miles away, one does not see how it could not be aware of the existence of the Commonwealth, a huge neighboring civilization that takes a place massive in The walking dead. So why is she not included in this Alliance? Are the two cities rivals? It seems impossible for them to ignore each other, so hopefully the franchise can come up with a cohesive geopolitical response to all of this.

Research against the virus

Perhaps the big difference between the Civil Republic and the Commonwealth lies in their ultimate goal: while Pamela Milton is still in survival, Elizabeth Kublek and her army have a much bigger ambition: to save humanity by finding a vaccine. or a remedy for resuscitation of the dead. We thus spend the whole of season 2 in this scientific complex where the greatest spirits still alive are gathered, working day and night on genetic and biological data. Sometimes we are suggested that they are making some headway, but for now, nothing seems to prevent the spread of the zombie virus.

The truth behind the “A” and “B” brands

For the aforementioned research, they need guinea pigs. And not just walking corpses. Dr Bennett and his colleagues have to study live resuscitation, and for that, they are ready to use living subjects … so it is a mystery of Walking dead which is revealed in World Beyond : people marked “A” (which was the case with Rick at the time) are potential test subjects, include guinea pigs to be sacrificed for CRM, while the “B” are people with useful abilities, that the Republic will be able to integrate. Jadis thus tells in the finale to have voluntarily saved the life of Rick, by passing it in “B”, by way of thanks for having accepted it among the Alexandrians and for having tried to take him on the road to redemption.

Walking Dead world beyond final

The real boss is Major-General Beale

Jadis is no longer there. She is now a fierce military leader, who has just stolen the place of Elizabeth Kublek at the head of field operations. We do not know what her position is exactly, but we understand that she now responds directly to the Commander-in-Chief of the Civil Republic Military: Major-General Beale. It is he who has all power. “He is obviously the one who makes most of the decisions for the military ” confirms in EW the co-creator of World Beyond, Matt Negrete. “He is a very important figure for CRM. So I would venture to reveal that at some point in the franchise, we might have a story with him … “So who is this Beale, whose son we met, Mason, in the spin-off? Is he the leader of Philadelphia and or simply of the military branch? In any case, we are not done with him. , nor with the CRM. The Civil Republic will return in Walking dead and most likely at the time of the famous Rick movie … To be continued.

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