The 12 series that will make the event at the start of 2022

2022 series
HBO / Disney / Netflix

From the new Downton Abbey to the new Prince of Bel-Air, including the new Vikings.

Vigil – January 6 on Arte.TV

In the vein of Bodyguard, this new British thriller blew up BBC audiences in September and finally arrives in France. An asphyxiating investigation into the heart of a nuclear submarine, the scene of a mysterious murder. Panting and thrilling.

Peacemaker – January 13 on HBO Max

The direct sequel to The Suicide Squad, again written and directed by James Gunn. With a John Cena inhabited in the skin of the most disturbing DC superhero, recruited by the team of Amanda Waller. A deadly action comedy.

The Top 21 of the best series of the year 2021

How I met your Father – January 18 on Hulu

Seven years after the end How I Met, here is his spin-off, a sort of sequel centered around the character of Sophie (played by Hilary Duff). This young woman very anchored in her time, the year 2022, connects the dates on Tinder and the evenings with her friends. And his elderly version tells his children the story of his meeting with their father. A sitcom by Friends as we no longer do.

The Gilded Age – January 25 on OCS

A prestigious historical series, in the vein of Downton abbey, which has false airs of Downton abbey, and which was aptly written by Julian Fellowes, the creator of Downton abbey.. An exploration of America’s booming 1880s mundane New York. Christine Baranski will embody a generation of old notables, who take a very negative view of the arrival in Haute of the new rich, played by Carrie Coon …

The Afterparty – January 28 on Apple TV +

Directors of The Great Lego Adventure and producers of brilliance Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Phil Lord and Chris Miller engage in criminal comedy. A high school alumni reunion is going to end in blood … Who is the killer? A funny and original “murder mystery”, which examines the points of view of the various suspects at the Rashomon

Pam & Tommy – February 2 on Hulu and Disney +

Lily James turns into Pamela Anderson, for this farce which re-enacts the story of her famous 1995 Sex tape – in full glory Baywatch – performed with her sultry husband, Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee (Sebastian Stan). A madness imagined by Seth Rogen, who himself will play the blackmailer.

Reacher – February 4 on Amazon Prime Video

The character played by Tom Cruise in two films at the cinema will return to service in a pure action series with a strong 90’s accent, in which the giant Alan Ritchson – crossed at DC in Titans – will resume the role, in a completely different version, much closer to the books of Lee Child.

Inventing Anna – February 11 on Netlix

The fabulous Julia Garner fromOzark finally has the right to a role to its measure. She will be the star of this mini-series taken from a hardly believable true story, that of a con artist posing as a rich German heiress and thus infiltrating the New York gratin. The new Netflix series from Shonda rhimes, after the worldwide success of The Bridgertons Chronicle!

Bel-Air – February 13 on Peacock

Will Smith hands over. He left his place as Prince to Jabari Banks in this modern drama remake of the cult ’90s sitcom. Narrated in a more realistic, serious and serious tone (from Morgan Cooper’s fan film), the short story series will tell the complicated journey of Will, from the streets of Philadelphia to the posh homes of Bel-Air.

Family weekend – February 23 on Disney +

After H and Plane tree, Eric Judor is back on the small screen, for the first original French creation of Disney +. A family comedy full of good humor, signed Pierre-François Martin-Laval, in which he will play a divorced father and at the head of a very blended family: around his three daughters, Clara, Victoire and Romy, from three different weddings, his new fiancée, Emmanuelle, will have to find her place.

Vikings: Valhalla – February 25 on Netflix

After six epic seasons, Vikings and its creator, Michael Hirst, are back for a Dantesque new tale. A sort of sequel since the plot will take place 100 years later and will follow the descendants of Ragner: Leif Erikson, Freydis Eiriksdottir, Harald Hardrada or even William the Conqueror. It promises to be bloody!

Yellowjackets – January / February on Canal +

It is making the event, at the moment, across the Atlantic and will arrive in France at the beginning of next year. A stunning mystery thriller, worn by Christina Ricci (Sleepy hollow), Juliette Lewis (A Night in Hell) and Melanie Lynskey (My uncle Charlie), A psychological horror story on two timelines, which will tell the plane crash of a team of talented young footballers in the depths of America. The united team will break up and fall into wild clans. 25 years later, we discover what happened to the survivors …

The other series that will make the event during the year 2022

Ms. Marvel / She Hulk – around summer on Disney +

After the end of Hawkeye, we will have to wait a few months before finding the MCU on the small screen.

The Lord of the Rings – September 2 on Amazon Prime Video

Long awaited for years, the serial adaptation of Tolkien, which will take place a few centuries before the events of The Fellowship of the Ring, will finally reach us.

Landscapers – on Canal +

Olivia Colman and David Thewlis play a sordid couple, in this macabre comedy adapted from a news item.

The Fighters – first semester on TF1

After the box of Bazaar of Charity, Julie de Bona, Audrey Fleurot and Camille Lou meet for a new big budget historical fiction, at the start of the First World War …

House of the dragon – on HBO Max

Three years after the end of Game Of Thrones, here is finally something to return to Westeros, in this new series adapted from George RR Martin, on the seizure of power of the Targaryens, the ancestors of Daenerys …

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty – on HBO Max

A series by Adam McKay on the most legendary of NBA franchises and his golden age with Magic Johnson.

Elementary Particles – on France 2

The mini-series adaptation of the cult novel by Michel Houellebecq, with Pascale Arbillot and Déborah François.

Star Wars: Kenobi – on Disney +

Ewan McGregor back as Jedi master, post-Episode III, Hayden Christensen back as Darth Vader. What more ?

The Last of Us – on HBO

She and Joel on the road in an apocalyptic world. The adaptation of the strongest video game of recent years.

Infinity – on Canal +

A new original creation with Céline Sallette, in the skin of a French astronaut who must team up with a Kazakh cop in order to solve a strange investigation.

Willow – on Disney +

Warwick Davis will be back to play the famous little magician, made so cult by the Ron Howard film released in 1988.

Halo – on Paramount +

The famous action video game turned into a big budget sci-fi series.

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