The 15 series that will make the event during the summer of 2021

The 10 series that will make the event this summer 2021
Disney / Starz / Hulu / HBO

They don’t take vacations! In July and August, several eagerly awaited series will land on our small screens. Overview of events not to be missed.

Schitt’s Creek – all 6 seasons – since June 29 on Canal Plus

The Canadian comedy that won everything at the last Emmy Awards and Golden Globes is finally coming to France! Completed last year in North America, its 80 episodes are available on MyCanal. So no time to waste to discover the downfall of the extremely wealthy Rose family, cheated by their accountant, and forced to settle in a rotten motel in a horrible village in the depths of the country …

The best series of 2021 so far

Monsters at Work – from July 7 on Disney Plus

Bob and Sully are back! Direct continuation of the first film so jubilant, we find Monstropolis in full upheaval. Cries are no longer revenue. Now, laughter is what keeps the city going. Besides, Bob has become the big boss of the factory. Bad luck for Tyler, the latest superstar terror from Monsters University, who finds himself totally obsolete overnight. An exciting new exploration of the world of Monsters, Inc..

Gossip Girl – from July 8, on HBO Max and then in France on Warner TV

Return to the Upper East Side. We discover a new band of rich and odious young people, who sleep together in all directions. Kristen Bell is also coming back to do the voice over of the smart guy who has fun throwing all the gossip in the public square via social networks (and no longer a blog, we are in 2021!). A new modern take on the cult teen series that will inevitably be closely scrutinized.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness – from July 8, on Netflix

Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy are back! If these two names don’t ring a bell, you’ve never played video games resident Evil. For all the others, it will be a pleasure to find the two protagonists of the 2nd opus of 1998. Now far from Racoon City, they will try to hunt the zombies of the White House …

The White Lotus – from July 11 on HBO and in US + 24 on OCS

A new nugget from HBO, which takes us to a strange hotel in Hawaii, where couples and families drunk with sorrel are driving the staff of the 5-star establishment. A social satire in 6 episodes, full of exciting darkness and brilliantly embodied.

American Horror Stories – from July 15 on Hulu then in France on Star de Disney +

While waiting for season 10, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have concocted a brand new episodic anthology, which will offer fans of AHS dark and gruesome new stories, with Murphy’s regulars in the cast: Kevin McHale (Glee), Dyllon Burnside (Pose), Nico Greetham (The Prom)

Schmigadoon! – from July 16 on Apple TV +

An improbable fantasy that promises us a colorful trip to the land of musicals. In this parody, we will follow Melissa and Josh, a couple in crisis and on a hike, who gets lost and finds himself stuck in Schmigadoon!, a magical city where everyone sings. A delirium worn by Cecily Strong, Keegan-Michael Key and Jane Krakowski.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation – from July 23 on Netflix

Kevin Smith brings Musclor and the Power of the Ancient Skull to life in a new animated series that will bring back memories for many in their 30s and 40s. After a cataclysmic battle between Musclor and Skeletor, Eternia is fractured and the Guardians of Grayskull are dispersed, we tease the synopsis.

Outer Banks, season 2 – starting July 30 on Netflix

It was one of the series of events of the first confinement of the year 2020. A treasure hunt in the vein of the Goonies, mixed with a teen drama series. Will John B., Sarah and the Pogues have stood the test of time? We will see if their adventures will still be as exciting this summer, especially in the Bahamas.

Mr. Corman – from August 6 on Apple TV +

Joseph Gordon-Levitt creates, produces, directs and embodies Mr Corman, who has just separated from his girlfriend, suffers from anxiety, loneliness and feels guilty about being a bad person. An original drama, a psychological tale that could well be one of the good surprises of the summer.

Mr Corman

Brooklyn nine-nine, season 8 – from August 12 on NBC then in France on Canal + Séries

We missed them a lot, but this time they’re back! And we will have to take advantage of it since Jake Peralta and the coolest police station in New York will bow out after this last chapter, marked by the arrival of the baby. We can’t wait to see it! “Nine-Niiiine!”

Heels – from August 15 on Starz and in France on Starzplay

Stephen Amell is no longer Arrow for a while now and finally, he’s been making his comeback to the screen in a whole different role, that of a wrestler from Georgia, who will face his own brother, Alexander Ludwig (of Vikings), to endorse the family heritage. A muscular confrontation in underwear, on and off the ring!

Nine Perfect Strangers – from August 18 on Hulu and in France on Amazon Prime Video

Without a doubt one of the most anticipated series. After The Undoing, Nicole Kidman returns to the small screen in this creepy new series, set in a chic health and wellness resort where nine rampaging city dwellers go to unwind. A new adaptation by Liane Moriarty, the author of Big Little Lies.

The Walking Dead, season 11 – from August 23 on AMC and in France on OCS in US + 24

It is the beginning of the end ! Our survivors will quietly bid farewell, during this extended final season, which will begin with a first round of episodes at the end of the summer. In order to get to know the Commowealth a little better, in particular …

The Chair (August 27) – from August 27 on Netflix

Sandra Oh is coming to Netflix. Waiting for season 4 of Killing Eve, the former of Grey’s Anatomy will star in this college comedy, which will send the actress to (fictional) Pembroke College as Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim, the first woman and woman of color to head the English literature department. A six-part satire produced by the creators of Game Of Thrones !

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