The 20 films that will make the event during the summer of 2021

The madness of King Arthur, the comeback of the MCU, Paul Verhoeven, OSS 117 and even LeBron James … There will be heavy in theaters, in July and August.

Annette, by Leos Carax: release on July 6

Nine years after the shock Holy Motors, here is Leos Carax at the controls of a musical (with a soundtrack signed by the Sparks) where Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard camp a couple of artists who tear themselves apart after the birth of their child. The opening of Cannes is the ideal launching pad.

The 15 series that will make the event during the summer of 2021

Black widow, by Cate Shortland: out July 7

Eleven years after his first appearance in Iron man 2, Natasha Romanof, aka Black Widow, is finally entitled to her solo film. She should have been the first MCU superhero to have this honor, but ultimately, Captain marvel stole the show, in 2019. Then she suffered a sad fate in Avengers: Endgame… Still we want to know more about the spy embodied with conviction by Scarlett Johansson.

The Croods 2: New Era, by Joel Crawford: out July 7

Good animated adventure film, The Croods is entitled to a surprise sequel, 8 years after the release of the first part. Dreamworks relies on the meeting between its prehistoric family and new characters, in the heart of new settings, to relaunch the machine, which has in the meantime been very successful on TV. A good summer session to plan with your children.

Benedetta, by Paul Verhoeven: release on July 9

It was to be the event of Cannes 2019 but health glitches from Verhoeven prevented it. It was to be the Cannes 2020 event but COVID decided otherwise. We bet that Benedetta will be the shock of the 2021 edition. The story of this 17th century saint judged for lesbianism seems to have been invented for the filmmaker of Basic Instinct and Virginie Efira, obvious candidate for an interpretation award.

Fast & Furious 9, by Justin Lin: release July 14

It’s the family ! The one that has been rocking the Box office for a decade. Vin Diesel and his gang of pilots are back for a new sick installment, this time introducing Dom’s disowned brother Jakob (played by wrestling star John Cena) as the big bad guy at the head of a plot. on a global scale that his crew will have to dismantle. Always further, stronger, faster …

Titanium, by Julia Ducournau: release on July 14

“After a series of unexplained crimes, a father finds his son who has been missing for 10 years.“The deliberately obscure pitch of Julia Ducournau’s new film has something to titillate our curiosity. The acclaimed director of Serious is back, with Garance Mariller again in the cast, facing Vincent Lindon this time. A new surrealist experience is announced.

Designated Guilty by Kevin Macdonald: released July 14

The director of Last King of Scotland regained Oscar honors earlier this year with this masterful thriller, which is especially worth seeing for the performance of Tahar Rahim. The French actor, ultra convincing as a prisoner wrongly locked up in Guantanamo the day after September 11, 2001, delivers an exceptional score, in an intense tango with Jodie Foster.

Kaamelott – First part, by Alexandre Astier: release on July 21

Fans can’t wait any longer. After the end of the cult series, King Arthur will finally find his way to the big screen. Postponed many times in 2020 by the health crisis, this first film Kaamelott promises to be one of the huge French cartoons of the year, a continuation of the story that Astier has designed with patience and thoroughness, and also a multitude of attentions for fans of his wacky comedy back in the annals .

The best series of 2021 so far

Space Jam: New Era, by Malcolm D. Lee: out July 21

Twenty-five years (!) After the first part, the universe of Space jam is coming back in force. Exit Michael Jordan, replaced here by LeBron James: the basketball superstar will be immersed in spite of herself in the Looney Tunes… and even in the Warner Bros. universe. whole (why not?). Space Jam 2 will mix old-fashioned 2D graphics with digital special effects. The parquet will heat up like never before.

Spiral: The Legacy of Saw, by Darren Lynn Bousman: release July 21

Five years since we last heard from Jigsaw. We thought that was the end of the craziest serial killer on the movie planet. Not quite a new movie Saw, but a spin-off. It all starts when a mysterious serial killer has fun killing cops while referring to the Puzzle Killer. The novelty of this new horror film is to have entrusted the role of badass cop to comic sniper Chris Rock. It is besides him who would have had the original idea of ​​this new opus. Darren Lynn Bouseman (the saga’s chief miller) returns behind the cameras and Sam Jackson (also a tough cop) plays Chris Rock’s dad. It does not make sense ? No doubt … But is this really what we are asking of this purely sadomaso entertainment which should brighten up the most courageous summer?

Old, by M. Night Shyamalan: released on July 21

It’s not just Perceval Kaamelott who is obsessed with “the old ones”: the director of Sixth sense has already dedicated a horror comedy to a couple of freaking seniors with The Visit (2015), here it is, prematurely aging travelers to a mysterious island with this particularly intriguing concept thriller.

The Suicide Squad, by James Gunn: released July 28

Between two strands of Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel, James Gunn is competing for the time of a super-film, sequel to the Suicide Squad by David Ayer, who keeps few villains from the first part (Margot Robbie in Harley Quinn, Viola Davis in boss, Joel Kinnaman in Rick Flagg …) to discover many others, each more azimuth than the other: For example, we will come across a bipedal shark, King Shark, and a murderous weasel, Weasel, who will have to defend themselves against a giant starfish. Are you ready for the craziest action scenes of the summer?

Jungle Cruise, by Jaume Collet-Serra: July 28

Disney is adapting its Jungle Cruise attraction to the cinema, a cult ride of American parks that has never been repeated at Disneyland Paris. Worn by the Dwayne Johnson / Emily Blunt duo, the film tells the story of explorers stranded in the rainforest, in search of a tree with extraordinary healing powers. Family summer fun.

OSS 117: Red alert in black Africa, by Nicolas Bedos: release on August 4

After the first two opus signed Michel Hazanavicius, it is Nicolas Bedos who took up the torch. The comedian with grinding humor, crowned with the critical and public success of The good times, dares to attack Hubert Bonisseur from La Bath and intends to make fun of “Françafrique” in passing. Jean Dujardin will also be able to count on the help of Pierre Niney to brighten up the theaters this summer!

Free Guy, by Shawn Levy: released on August 11

Ryan Reynolds plays a background character in an online video game, who will try to trade his condition as a puppet for that of a real hero. What part between The Great Lego Adventure and The Truman Show, Free Guy is equally interested in the world of video games (playing with the codes of Fornite and GTA V) where Guy evolves than in the real world, populated in particular by Jodie Comer, Taika Waititi and Joe Keery. A pure action comedy, with a Ryan Reynolds as candid as he is charged.

Boss Baby 2, by Tom McGrath: released August 18

Big surprise: in this sequel to the 2017 box, Baby Boss has become an adult! But when Tina arrives, with new methods of managing babies, he will have to find his big brother to stand up to him. To the delight of little spectators.

Snake Eyes, by Robert Schwentke: released on August 18th

After two opuses that have allowed the franchise to raise almost $ 700 million in total, here is the action hero GI Joe in a spin-off dedicated to the origins of the team’s masked ninja. Henry Golding recovers the role in what promises to be a huge popcorn blockbuster to completely clear his head …

North Bac, by Cédric Jimenez: release on August 18

The director of French returns to Marseille to tell these BAC cops accused of racketeering and drug trafficking. A true story and not yet judged for a film which rhymes societal and spectacular with headlining a trio of hell: Gilles Lellouche, Karim Leklou and François Civil!

Eiffel, by Martin Bourboulon: release on August 25

The director of Mom or dad seizes on the history behind the construction of the Eiffel Tower to sign one of these popular romantic frescoes rare in current French cinema. And offers itself a cast of choice to embody this romantic and romantic epic: Romain Duris and Emma Mackey (Sex Education), for his first major role in cinema… and in French.

France, by Bruno Dumont: release on August 25

He is certainly one of the most fascinating French filmmakers of the century. The director of Little Quinquin and indescribable My Loute will make a comeback. After his musical on Joan of Arc, Bruno Dumont will adapt Charles Peguy (his novel On this semi-clear morning, published posthumously in 1952), making Léa Seydoux a star journalist of television in full decline, college to Benjamin Biolay and Blanche Gardin … Vive la France?

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