The 25 James Bond films will soon be on Canal +, even Dying can wait!

The complete 007 franchise, exactly six months after the French release, a nice move to show subscribers all the benefits of the new media chronology.

Just before the release of Dying can waitSalto had proposed the complete saga james bond to its subscribers, for a few weeks. It is Canal + which recovers the rights today and will offer from Saturday April 16, the 24 films of 007… and as a bonus, the youngest: Die can wait!

The boss of the encrypted channel, Maxime Saada, announced on Twitter: “For the first time all 25 james bond will be available on a single platform, exclusively”.

Note that if the move is so impressive, it is because Dying can wait is also on the list, just six months after its release, thanks to the new media timeline.

However, the selection does not include never ever againthe last Sean Connery released in 1983, the remake ofOperation Thunder, except in the franchise.

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