The 4400 reboot is revealed through 3 short teasers

reboot of the 4400

“What year is it?”

“It’s the year 2021!” Back to reality for The 4400 in the three teasers posted online by the CW channel, which reveals the main characters who will animate this reboot of the cult series of the 2000s.

Written by executive producer Ariana Jackson (Riverdale), this new version will follow 4,400 neglected, undervalued or otherwise marginalized people who have disappeared without a trace over the past hundred years and all returned in an instant, not having aged a day and without memory. of what happened to them.

“As the government works to analyze the potential threat and contain the story, the 4400 themselves have to contend with the fact that they were sent back to Earth with some… changes and the probability that they were all brought back by that date for some reason. “ tease the official synopsis.

In the teasers below, characters who died in 1956, 1994 and 2005 resurface in 2021. The reboot of the 4400 will debut on October 25th in the US.

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