The Addams Family 2: Hell’s Spree – A Flavorless Sequel [critique]

The duo Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon confirms the wrong fold during the first part. By trying too hard to flirt with young audiences, they betray the very essence of Charles Addams’ comics

“Good idea: to have entrusted the keys to the reboot of The Addams Family to the team Sausage Party. Bad idea: take inspiration from the harmless Illumination productions and pass the Addams off as cousins ​​of the Gru de Me ugly and nasty », Wrote Première in 2019. We wouldn’t change a word about it in front of his suite two years later, where, Morticia and Gomez, lost in front of their children who have grown up well, decide to embark on Mercredi, Pugsley, Uncle Fétide and all the gang in their haunted motorhome for a family vacation. And this while doubts arise on the fact that Wednesday is indeed their natural daughter. More than ever, the joyous spirit of satire which gave the headlines of the two flesh-and-blood adaptations of the Charles Addams cartoons by Barry Levinson is here definitively dead and buried. The form, the animation, remains in good shape. But the background seeks so much to flirt with young audiences that it loses everything that constitutes its essence. Only Wednesday is, in the first part of the film, the guardian of the temple of this evil spirit. But the whole film, the whole scenario will seek only to make it fit into the norm. An absolute misunderstanding. And all the more disappointing or annoying when we saw what the Tiernan-Conrad duo was capable of in Sausage party which had won $ 140 million in revenue, despite all the outcry from virtue leagues around the world. The times have changed. And not necessarily for the good, then.

By Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon. With the voices of Charlize Theron, Oscar Isaac, Chloë Grace Moretz … Duration: 1h33. Release October 13, 2021

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