The Adventures of Buck Wild (Disney +): “It’s not quite Ice Age 6”

Manny and his family are back today on Disney+, for a new adventure that focuses on the dingo twins, Crash and Eddie! Director John Donkin and producer Lori Forte tell us why this movie is a little different from the rest of the franchise.

Six years after the release of Ice Age: The Laws of the Universethe new movie The Adventures of Buck Wild is streaming today. Where is the story, in the chronology of the saga?
Lori Forte:
In fact, the film picks up the story exactly where it left off. That is to say just after the events of Ice Age 5. Our family is reunited… except for Peach, who got married and left to lead her own life. Right now, she’s with her husband, exploring the world or something… Manny must have let her go. But Crash and Eddie are bored. They don’t want Ellie telling them what to do anymore. They want to take their independence.

Why did you choose to focus on Crash and Eddie?
Lori Forte:
We wanted to give them more space, because they are such cool characters, so funny, and too little used in previous games. They are such visual characters. We wanted to put them in a somewhat complicated position, where they have to grow up, take care of themselves. That’s what we look for in every new movie The Ice Age : show that our characters evolve.

But the movie is called The Adventures of Buck Wild
John Donkins:
Because Crash and Eddie go into his world. In his life. It’s really the character of Buck that we wanted to explore the most. But at the same time, his story merges with that of Crash and Eddie, who are not at all fit to survive alone in this lost world of dinosaurs (laughs). And then there is also Ellie, who must learn to let her brothers take flight, become whoever they want, take their independence. The Ice Age has always conveyed this message: even when a family moves away, its members are still part of you.

Manny, Diego and Syd are more secondary in this opus, but we feel that it could perfectly be called Ice Age 6no ?
John Donkins:
Not quite. It really is a side story. We were lucky with this franchise of The Ice Age. We were able to add a whole bunch of very fun characters over time. And there, we wanted to focus on secondary elements, because it’s complicated to make a film that can make all our characters exist at the same time. Crash and Eddie have always been funny and a bit goofy. But by removing the others, we can explore new facets. The idea is not to forget that the rest of the family exists, but to do something parallel.

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