The adventures of Spirou and Fantasio: the film misses its heist [critique]

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The film grossly betrays the spirit of Franquin’s comics.

After Gaston Lagaffe, Benoist Brisefer, Boule et Bill, the Petit Spirou, Largo Winch, Michel Vaillant or the heroes of Alone, Spirou and Fantasio are the last Dupuis characters to go from the box to the screen. A passage so difficult as far as Franco-Belgian comics are concerned, that in memory of a cinephile, with a few exceptions (L’Astérix de Chabat), few succeeded. Strangely, this passage seems easier for so-called adult comics: The Life of Adele, Quai d’Orsay, Snowpiercer are some recent examples. The fussy mind will notice that these comics are not from series, he will be right and this is probably no coincidence …

Meeting with the film crew The Adventures of Spirou and Fantasio

Alexandre Coffre’s film, The Adventures of Spirou and Fantasio, do not break this curse specific to French cinema. The fault is undoubtedly to be found on the side of a scenario which does not pay tribute, far from it, to the great feathers who have worked for nearly 80 years for the most famous groom in comics. Worse, Fabien Suarez and Juliette Sales have succeeded in betraying the character by transforming him into a vulgar hotel robber who will discover a moral alongside his reporter sidekick. The story then comes down to the search for the Count of Champignac, kidnapped by the infaaaaame Zorglub. Simplistic therefore, when there were nearly 55 albums to draw ideas from.

Too bad because it is full of good ideas, foremost among which is its cast. Special mention to Alex Lutz (Fantasio) and Christian Clavier (Conte de Champignac), both impeccable, as if leaping from a Franquin box with the madness we know them. The rhythm and the exotic settings easily fulfill the contract of an adventure film. But we are still far from The man from Rio, yardstick in the matter… And with such heroes, there were some (matter!).

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