The Afterparty: a funnily original police comedy (review)

The Afterparty

While waiting for the sequel to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Lord and Miller deliver a very cool, crazy and wildly captivating “murder mystery”.

Who killed Xavier? Christopher Miller leads the investigation, decked out (in production) with his inseparable partner, Phil Lord. After playing the LEGO on the big screen then revolutionized Spidermanthe Oscar-winning duo tackle with The Afterparty (on Apple TV+ from today) to a new concept: a “muder mystery” with a very assumed absurd tone and told through different perspectives.

Inspector Danner arrives to shed light and question all the suspects one by one, former high school friends who met for their traditional “High School Reunion”, 15 years after leaving school. Some have succeeded, others less so. All of them have changed a lot and above all, each of them would have a good reason to want to assassinate Xavier, their ex-classmate who became a pop and cinema superstar thanks to the box of the blockbuster. Hungry Hungry Hippos

playing effect Rashomon With palpable jubilation, Lord and Miller revisit the “Whodunit” in their own way and sign a bubbling mini-series, which very often flirts with raw farce, but ends up striking a surprising balance between a carefully constructed real police satire and a big schoolboy joke.

Especially since each episode has been thought out in an original way. The Afterparty tells the point of view of each character through a different genre: from rom’com’ to anime, via thriller. Special mention to the “musical” episode carried by the fabulous Ben Schwartz! Pure delirium on the form, to better cover the tracks on the substance! So will you be able to decode the clues of this Cluedo joyful, to guess the identity of the culprit before the big final revelation?

With The Afterparty, Lord and Miller reinvent the “murder mystery”

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