The All Risks Agency, the film: a smooth plan [critique]

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The All Risks Agency
20th Century Fox

Joe Carnahan’s adaptation of the cult series is a supercharged blockbuster that unfortunately did not have the full success hoped for.

The All Risks Agency, the film adapted from the famous TV series of the 80’s, returns this evening on TMC. This project has long collected dust in the boxes of producers. Until 2010: it is Joe carnahan (Narc, Mi $ e à prix, Le Territoire des loups) which puts in a box, with a nice cast: Liam neeson in the role of Hannibal, the highly rated Bradley Cooper (Hangover) in the role of Futé, Sharlto copley (District 9) for Looping, and finally, in the iconic role of Barracuda, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, famous free fight fighter.

The Wolf Territory is more than a manly survival [critique]

Here is the review of First, published on its release: “We did not expect much and we were wrong. A big commissioned film that is a reaction of recent actioners to disembodied heroes (the Bourne trilogy), L’Agence tous Risks offers a rereading of the 80’s series according to the 3F rule: fun, faithful and unifying. Suddenly everything is in its place: the flashy action scenes, the funky references to the series, the explosive generosity and the sense of the formula. Risks is in a good place to be the coolest blockbuster of this summer, the one that fully assumes its ambition: entertainment. look at MI: III), but here everything is so locked, jumped and boosted that it works. A smooth shot. “

Trailer :

Omar Sy is in Time’s top 100 (and Bradley Cooper wrote his text)

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