The Amazing Spider-Man 3: Tom Holland also wants to see Andrew Garfield return in this sequel!

Andrew Garfield: Spider-Man 3
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The rumor of a final opus to conclude the trilogy of Mark Webb/Andrew Garfield swells following the success of No Way Home.

Beware of spoilers! Tom Holland evokes below a key scene of No Way Home.
We came back this morning to the after Spider-Man: No Way Home. The blockbuster having collected 1.7 billion dollars in revenue worldwide, Sony will certainly not stop there and should confirm the launch of a new trilogy carried by Tom Holland shortly. Producer Amy Pascal has already mentioned this idea, even if it has not yet been confirmed by the actor, and the company is also preparing other spin-offs after Venom and Morbiuslike Madame Webthe first film in the saga centered on a superheroine. It is also rumored that the crazy reception of the fans on seeing Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield putting on the costume would have made the production want to finish the aborted trilogy of the latter. A rumor that has reached the ears of Tom Holland, which is added to the list of activists of a future Tea Amazing Spider-Man 3.

“I would love to see The Amazing Spider-Man 3, replied the actor to I thought it was amazing how Andrew was able to reconcile with the character and the studio, while being supported by the audience. That scene where he saves Zendaya, the reaction from the fans in the room was spectacular. So yes, if Sony decides to do that, they will have my full support. Andrew too, of course.”

Andrew Garfield wants more Spider-Man threesome

Andrew Garfield did indeed have a relationship of ups and downs with Spider-Man. Fan of the superhero since his childhood, he had caused a sensation by disguising himself to announce his hiring in The Amazing Spider-Man at Comic-Con 2011. His speech on the importance of such a hero in his life and that of a million people had touched the public, but he was then disillusioned by discovering the backstage of the blockbuster: release date imposed even before having received the script, the multiple rewrites of it, then the cuts in the editing at the risk of making the story incoherent. Openly evoking these problems in the press, he also expressed in 2013 his desire to play why not a bisexual Peter Parker, but following the disappointing reception of the second installment, a year later Sony finally accepted Marvel’s offer to cast a new interpreter of the character so that his adventures would be shared between the two studios. Andrew Garfield ousted, Tom Holland was then chosen and he arrived in Captain America: Civil War from 2016, signing the withdrawal of The Amazing Spider Man 3. Finally, the return of Garfield’s Peter in No Way Home, who comes full circle by saving the lover of another interpreter of the hero after having himself lost Gwen Stacy in a similar way, greatly pleased the spectators, as well as the actor, who was able to improvise replicas and visibly much appreciated being acclaimed again for this role. It remains to be seen whether Sony will go all the way by actually launching The Amazing Spider-Man 3 or if No Way Home will serve as a beautiful end to his incarnation in the cinema…

Poor Andrew Garfield: Spider-Man returns to Marvel, but not him

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