The Baby, motherhood as a horror movie [critique]

The Baby

A demonic baby sticks to the coattails of an almost quadra who never wanted to be a mother. A mini-series that plays the black comedy card quite effectively.

Natasha can’t take it anymore to see all her friends turn into mothers. This 38-year-old single Londoner never wanted a baby. But fate will decide otherwise, since a newborn baby will literally fall into her arms. Except that the adorable little piece of cabbage seems possessed: as soon as Natasha loses sight of him for five minutes, the most improbable fatal accidents happen to those who approach him. But this creepy kid insists on staying close to her. Where is he from ? What does he want ? And why is everyone convinced that Natasha gave birth to him? Funny mini-series in eight episodes, The Baby fueled by breaks in tone, somewhere between black comedy, pure drama and kindly gore horrific parody.

Often funny and always self-aware, this British-American co-production functions as a succession of metaphors for postpartum depression, the anguish of motherhood and the pressure put on those who don’t care to change diapers. . Great idea held together most of the time, with a solid sense of pacing and suspense over the first three episodes. The sequel becomes more nebulous and esoteric, especially when the series sets out to explain the origins of the baby quite heavily. the The initial charm of the project drowns a little in this backstory and some family traumas unnecessarily added to the main character. Will the last two episodes not shown to the press raise the level

The Baby, 8 x 30 minutes, from April 25 on OCS.

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