The Bad Guys rule the roost in the new trailer for the new Dreamworks

With Pierre Niney and his partner Natasha Andrews in the voice cast.

The new comedy adventure from Dreamworks Animations, inspired by children’s books, promises to be fearsome! Like its anti-heroes, The Bad Guyswhich are revealed a little more today in this new trailer posted by Universal Pictures.

Pierre Niney and his wife Natasha Andrews will carry the voice cast in VF, with also Alice Belaïdi Jean-Pascal Zadi, and Igor Gotesman. In VO, it is the voices of Sam Rockwell, Craig Robinson or Awkwafina that we will hear.

The Bad Guys, it’s a gang of high-flying animal criminals, who are about to commit their most egregious misdeed: to become respectable citizens! There’s Mr. Wolf, a dashing pickpocket, Mr. SNAKE, the jaded safe-driller, Mr. REQUIN, the very, very cold-blooded camouflage expert, Mr. PIRANHA, the excessively milky fat arm of the gang. and Miss. TARANTULA, the hacker.

But after years of incalculable misdeeds, those who have become without question the most wanted thugs in the world, end up being arrested. Mr. Loup then concludes a deal (which he obviously has no intention of honoring) in order to avoid himself and his friends, many years in prison…

The Bad Guys will be released in theaters on April 13, 2022.

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