The Batman 2: what will be the sequel to Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight?

The Batman 2
Warner Bros.

A new film is obviously planned, but several spin-off series are already in development.

The reviews are excellent and if the box office follows this weekend (the film is released today in the USA), then The Batman will have a bright future ahead of it. This new tortured version carried by Robert Pattinson could well be the starting point of a whole new franchise, which would make a clean sweep of the past (understand Ben Affleck).

“When I was first hired on the project, it was Ben who was supposed to still be the Batman of The Batman: But at that time, I told the studio that it was important to me that this story was not related to the DCEU. I didn’t want to bring in the other Justice League characters.“, says Matt Reeves, in a Toronto Sun interview.

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His approach to Bruce Wayne is therefore completely separate from what has been done previously, which allows Matt Reeves to consider the sequel as he sees fit. Without the constraints of a pre-existing shared franchise. A brand new expanded universe, which will be based first on a series dedicated to the Penguin, the version of Oswald Cobblepot embodied by Colin Farrell. The spin-off is already in development for HBO Max: “Frankly, it’s huge. You’ve never seen it like this. He steals the show from everyone in the movie. So along the way, we thought maybe we could give his character a little more space, like a series. So I spoke to HBO Max. I showed them The Penguin in the film and pitched what it might be…”

We understand that this derivative series will be the first direct sequel to The Batmanwhich the filmmaker confirms to Deadline : “The series connects directly with the film as it begins where we leave the story here.”

Matt Reeves confesses that he first wanted to make a very independent spin-off, around an original character, a corrupt cop who fights for his soul, awakened by the rise of the vigilante of Gotham City. It was even supposed to be a prequel to The Batman. But the studio convinced the director to revise his copy, to highlight more popular characters from the stable. And so he settled on the Penguin: “We have a great story of the American dream à la Scarface, with this guy who is totally underestimated. No one thinks he can do anything. But he believes in himself, with visceral violence …” This first sequel to The Batman is currently at the stage of writing the pilot (with Lauren LeFranc) and Matt Reeves admits that there is “certainly a possibility” so that the characters of the film mingle with the series. Even that the events of this spin-off are then integrated into The Batman 2 !

Colin Farrell as penguin in The Batman
Warner Bros.

Because if Matt Reeves evokes in stride “another series that will be connected to Arkham Asylum”we understand that beyond connected television projects, The Batman 2the sequel to the cinema, is already in the line of sight.

The director first tempers: “You don’t go into a Batman movie thinking it’s Chapter 1. You have to have the total experience, because if that’s the case, you won’t get another movie. So we put it all in The Batman. We tried to be as ambitious as possible.” Then, Matt Reeves concedes:

“Of course, in the back of your mind, you’re like, if this works, it’s the start of a world… There’s all these places we can go with these characters and this cast that gave them breathed so much life…”

In all likelihood, The Batman will therefore be the starting point of a new DC world, of a new franchise, extended first in streaming (via HBO Max) and certainly then in the cinema.

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