The Batman enigma leads us to the Mystery Man website

Can you answer the riddles of the famous villain at the question mark?

Small interactive promo for The batman, with the establishment of an ARG (alternative reality game), which allows you to discover a website devoted to the Mystery Man.

It all started with a billboard for the Matt Reeves film, posed in several theaters, and including messages written at the bottom. After combining the letters in question and combining them with letters previously found in a trailer of The batman, Dark Knight fans were able to piece together a post that read: “You are El Rata Alada “, resulting in “You are the Winged Rat “ (in English).

From there a website,, has been updated !

A green question mark welcomes us and leaves no room for doubt: it is indeed The Mystery Man. But after director Matt Reeves shared a new image (below), the site was updated, this time with a series of puzzles (Answers are revealed below, so watch out for spoilers!). Solving these riddles will give you access to some (small) surprises …

“Those who make me are likely to break me” – Law
“I can be easy or a dead end. Careful when you cross me. ”- Street
“What’s black and blue and dead all over?” – batman

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