The Batman is in Paris, Neymar took the opportunity to test the Batmobile

The Batman is in Paris, Neymar
Twitter Matt Reeves/Warner Bros/Anthony Ghnassia

Robert Pattinson presented his version of the Dark Knight in the Capital last night, and the PSG player, fan of the DC avenger, played the luxury guest stars.

Not sure he will be allowed to use it against Real Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League. Corn Neymar made a childhood dream come true last night. Enjoying a private screening organized in Paris of the new DC film The Batmanthe Brazilian from PSG slipped into the new Batmobile of the feature film (at least a replica), on the red carpet.

He also posed with the two new stars of the saga, namely Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz. It must be said that Neymar is a pure fan of Batmanto the point of displaying between the shoulder blades a tattoo of a bat, which takes the form of the famous logo of the superhero.

If Neymar has little chance of becoming the next Bruce Wayne, fans of the Parisian club hope at least that he will be the savior of PSG in Madrid in 15 days… a week after the release of The Batman in cinemas on March 2 in France.

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