The Batman: Matt Reeves talks about “the most moving Batman movie ever made”

New footage has been unveiled at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

Months and months after his teaser, The batman by Matt Reeves was remembered fondly by spectators at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. Entertainment Weekly tells that never-before-seen footage of the film has been unveiled (nothing very specific: we see Bruce Wayne / Robert Pattinson in the streets of Gotham fighting against enemies, explosions as well as some quick shots on Alfred, played by Andy Serkis), interspersed with interviews with the director and the cast. Matt Reeves thus recounts being inspired by Batman: Year One, the cult comic book by Frank Miller. ” Thought It Could Be The Most Touching Batman Movie Ever Made », Loose the filmmaker in particular, who insists on a certain form of realism in the treatment of the DC superhero.

From my first conversation with Matt I knew there was something radically different about it. “, Assures his side Robert Pattinson.

The batman will be released in France on March 2, 2022. Watch the teaser:

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