The Batman: Robert Pattinson is amused by the criticisms that had accompanied his casting

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When Matt Reeves chose him, the web did not hesitate to call this choice a “bat-astrophe”…

Following the abandonment of the project of a new Batman by and with Ben Affleck, it was Matt Reeves who wanted to take up the challenge by creating The Batman, which hits theaters this week. When he announced the casting of Robert Pattinson in the main role, in May 2019, the web did not fail to give its opinion on this choice, sometimes in a virulent way (which had also been the case for Ben Affleck, Besides). Today, the actor has fun.

Batman: the choice of Robert Pattinson decried, are the fans still wrong?

Despite his many attempts to detach himself from Edward, the sexy vampire of Twilight, Robert Pattinson always comes back to the same point. However, “he’s a real chameleon” in the eyes of Matt Reeves. And for good reason: dandy in Nice friendbank robber in Good Time or even a lighthouse keeper in The Lighthouse, he has proven himself as an actor by choosing particularly eclectic roles and working with renowned directors (David Cronenberg, Christopher Nolan, Claire Denis, etc.). But in tackling this iconic character, many predicted he would make a “bat-astrophe”recalls the Los Angeles Times. Taking the criticism with a lot of derision, the comedian famous for responding frankly to the interviews rightly reacted to the American newspaper: “Finally, people laughed at me less than usual, I was rather surprised! 70% of negatives only? See you ! » He obviously did not allow himself to be affected by these negative reactions…

The Batman: Robert Pattinson reinvents the Dark Knight as a tortured detective [critique]

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