The Batman: Robert Pattinson was inspired by Al Pacino in The Godfather

It’s not just Kurt Cobain who served as a model for the new Bruce Wayne…

Younger than his predecessor Ben Affleck, the new Batman actor has no less merit. Because of his young age, the interpretation of Robert Pattinson is inevitably different from that of the Batfleck. During an interview for the Los Angeles Times, the star actor of Twilight confides with Matt Reeves on the inspirations that led him to the character.

“At our first meetingMatt mentioned that Kurt Cobain was one of the pivots of the character. The idea germinated in my mind”says Pattinson. “There’s something about this kind of self-imposed torment that I’ve always found very interesting. And also inheriting a life that you’re not quite sure you want, but also feel like you can’t give up at all. I remember we also talked a lot about Michael Corleone”.

And the reference makes sense. The character played by Al Pacino in the Godfather is also the heir to a great fortune, with a dark purpose and seeking his true identity. The director also gives more details about Bruce Wayne: “He’s a character that hasn’t evolved. He was emotionally blocked at the age of 10, especially since he had his fortune as a safety net. Despite everything, to give meaning to his life, he chooses to do this courageous, daring, reckless, almost suicidal thing: to lay down the law. »

The Batman is currently in theaters:

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