The Batman: Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne inspired by Kurt Cobain!

Director Matt Reeves explains that he was listening to Nirvana when he wrote the movie …

Perhaps the legendary riffs of “Smell Like Teen Spirit” will punctuate the battles of the Dark Knight … In any case, a tune of Nirvana will definitely hover over The batman, the new version of the Dark Knight by Matt reeves. A version totally inspired by Kurt Cobain:

“When I write, I listen to music, and while I was writing the first act of The batman, I put “Something In The Way” by Nirvana “, entrusts the screenwriter and director in the next issue of Empire magazine.

The film should therefore offer us a very different approach from Batman, based on the 90s grunge icon Away from the Adult Billionaire Playboy, played by Christian Bale, Ben Affleck or Michael Keaton. “Listening to Nirvana, I thought that, rather than making Bruce Wayne that playboy classic that we’ve seen before, you could show another version, a Bruce who went through great tragedy and became a recluse. “

Matt reeves then used Gus Van Sant’s film as a reference, Last Days, which recounts the last days of the leader of Nirvana, completely withdrawn. “It was my idea to make Bruce this fictional version of Kurt Cobain, which is in some sort of decaying mansion ….”

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Robert pattinson had already delivered a performance in this spirit with Good time of the Safdie brothers. And that’s how the old one Twilight was considered for the role: “In this movie, you could really feel his vulnerability and his despair, but you could also feel his full power. “, continues the director. “I thought it was a good mix. He also has that Kurt Cobain thing, which means he looks like a rock star, but it also feels like he could be a recluse person. … “

A more tortured, darker Bruce Wayne, and therefore a Batman less sure of himself, less superhero, devoid of much of the flashy gadgets stamped Lucius Fox (since he does not appear here). “Bruce lives in hiding. He’s not really a socialite. Not at all. He builds all these little contraptions and gadgets all by himself, with Alfred. And even Alfred thinks he’s gone mad! …“Pattinson concludes. Come as you are, Robert, comme as you are …

The batman will be released on March 2, 2022 at theaters in France.

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