The Batman starts better than The Dark Knight in France

But worse than The Dark Knight Rises, Suicide Squad and Joker. (Source: French Film)

With 257,546 tickets sold in 991 cinemas in France, previews included, The Batman starts at the top of yesterday’s ranking, Wednesday 2 March. Without counting them, it starts at 170,391 countermarks exchanged. Its competitors are unsurprisingly far behind, Belfastby Kenneth Branagh then starting at only 11,697 tickets sold in 209 cinemas.

Matt Reeves’ blockbuster thus offers itself the best start of a film of 2022, quite far ahead of the 186,499 ticketsUncharted. It’s a good start also within the Batman franchise, whose biggest start dates back to 2012 with The Dark Knight Rises (423,970 tickets sold the day of its release, 4.4 million in all). Suicide Squad also did better in 2016, attracting 307,062 onlookers in one day, and Joker also with Joaquin Phoenix, selling 291,152 tickets over the same period in October 2019. On the other hand, The Dark Knight, Batman V Superman Where Batman Begins are all below, Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster released in 2008 with Christian Bale and Heath Legder, for example, was seen by 253,858 curious people on its Wednesday release.

If we extend the scores to superhero movies in general, The Batman has about fifteen competitors in front of him, the leading trio being made up of Spider Man 3 (804,354 tickets sold the day of its release in 2007), Avengers – Endgame (692,142, in 2019) and Spider Man 2 (502,494, in 2004). More recently, No Way Home registered more than 200,000 admissions than it did when it started, attracting precisely 476,494 curious people in dark rooms on December 15th.

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As for the team, director Matt Reeves got off to a better start thanks to his two parts of The Planet of the Apes : The clash had been seen by 412,565 people on the day of its release in 2014 (and 3.7 million in total), then Supremacy had moved 270,056 spectators when it arrived on the big screen in 2017, then 2.8 million. As for Robert Pattinson, the biggest start to his career remains that of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, with 606,591 admissions registered on November 30, 2005 (it then accumulated 7.6 million tickets). All the sequels of Twilight also did better, selling more than 450,000 tickets on the day of their release (the first opus had however started with 140,960 admissions in 2009 before finishing its run at 2.8 million admissions).

Here is the ranking of the first day France of Wednesday March 2, 2022:

The Batman starts better than The Dark Knight in France
The French Film/ComScore

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