The Batman still strong, the film remains at the top of the US box office

Matt Reeves’ film is already a hit for DC and Warner Bros.

Despite its three hour duration, The Batman continues to attract curious people in American dark rooms. Lots of curious people! Matt Reeves’ film raked in an additional $66 million at the US box office over the weekend, keeping the top spot and reaching $238.5 million in US box office receipts.

Will the Riddler’s website announce the villain of The Batman 2?

At the International scale, The Batman collected exactly the same amount, or $66.6 million to add to the prize pool, which now totals $463.2 million worldwide. A great success, which places The Batman in the footsteps of a man of steel (nearly $700 million) or even a wonder woman ($820 million upon arrival in 2017). But the new Cape Crusader will still have a hard time getting close to the too 3 DC, namely Aquaman (2018) , The Dark Knight Rises (2012) and Joker (2019), all of which had passed $1 billion in revenue.

In any case, Robert Pattinson still respects the rest of the US box office and in particular Unchartedwhich still earns $10 million for its 4th week and stands at 115 million green tickets across the Atlantic.

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