The Batman: Warner Bros. wants to bet on directors and quality for its next DC films

“The biggest thing you can do to influence quality is the filmmaker you hire.”

A hit at the box office since its release, representing the best US launch of 2022, The Batman is the new nugget from Warner Bros. Realized by Matt Reeves, with Robert Pattinson in the title role, the feature film intends to reinvent superhero films to offer not a blockbuster but an auteur film on a franchised character. A desire that Warner Bros. hopes to extend, having announced that its future DC films will now be driven by the directors in charge, like Reeves’ Batman.


Indeed, questioned by Deadline on the future of the studio after The Batmanthe president and chief content officer of Warner Bros. Toby Emmerichsaid : “The secret of the film industry is quality. It’s the best business strategy, both for theatrical films and for superhero films. Films don’t all have to have the same tone, whether they intertwine with other DC movies or contain an easter egg that sets up another movie.Quality is the most important factor for a studio, and the biggest thing you can do to influence the quality is the filmmaker you hire.”

An announcement that recalls the words of Matt Reeves about his realization of a new film of the Dark Knight. In an interview for Firsthe explained that in “As a director, it’s getting harder and harder to do something that thrills you. That being said, I think if the myth resonates enough with you when you’re making a franchise movie, then it’s possible to make a personal work (…) It attracted me madly, but at the same time I was well aware that great films preceded us. I told Warner Bros. that I had to be given the freedom to make the definitive Batman movie.

Matt Reeves: ‘I told Warner Bros. to let me do the definitive Batman movie’

However, some may argue that this new positioning is a bit hypocritical on the part of Warner Bros., which did not really give David Ayer total freedom on Suicide Squad and denied Zack Snyder’s vision of Justice Leaguee by hiring Joss Whedon to complete the film. The studio, which recently lost Christopher Nolan, had also alienated directors by simultaneously releasing its films in theaters and on HBO Max in 2021, including the Dunes of Denis Villeneuve, who was moved by it publicly. But if these beautiful words are converted into action, we can only rejoice…

The Batman has been in theaters since March 2.

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