The Benjamin Gates series reveals its new cast of young treasure hunters

Jess Morales and gang behind bars!

Don’t look for Nicolas Cage or Diane Kruger, or even Justin Bartha! It’s been a month since the production of the series National Treasure has begun and the series adaptation of the adventure films for Disney + unveils its new band of treasure hunters today. A first official photo from the action-adventure series shows the cast, which will be made up of young people.

Because Benjamin Gates will now be done without the title character, and we will therefore follow Lisette Alexis in the role of Jess Morales, surrounded by Tasha (Zuri Reed), Oren (Antonio Cipriano) and Ethan (Jordan Rodrigues). We discover them in orange jumpsuits of prisoners, since they will be visibly behind bars at the beginning of the story. But how did they end up in prison? Looking for treasure?

The first episode of the series National Treasure will be directed by Mira Nair (Queen of Katwe) from a script written by original screenwriters Marianne and Cormac Wibberley. Released in 2023.

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