The Boba Fett Book: Grogu’s Workout Scene was advised by George Lucas

Baby Yoda Boba Fett

The Star Wars inventor had his doubts about Baby Yoda…

Broadcast since 2019 on Disney+, Star Wars: The Mandalorian had introduced a new character into the Star Wars universe, very popular with fans from his first scenes: Grogualso called by enthusiasts “Baby Yoda”. A child of the same race as Yoda, Grogu possesses a very powerful force within him, which makes him the second most important character in the series. Created by Jon Favreauthis one is not too far from the universe imagined by george lucassince the director advised him during the production of The Mandalorian, especially about Grogu.

Indeed, Lucas wanted the character, already very powerful, to still follow Jedi training. According to him, this could help in the construction and progress of the character. The producer Dave Filoni makes this revelation in his book All the Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian : “I had a discussion with George at one point about the kid, and his main concern was that he needed to be properly trained.” This was followed by the cameo of Luke Skywalker, founder of the Jedi academy, winning at the end of The Mandalorian Grogu before the public finds the child in The Boba Fett Book, training with Skywalker. A training that will also lead Grogu to choose between two destinies in episode 6 of the series: choose the Force and detach from all material things or follow Din Djarin, the Mandalorian.

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With two seasons currently available on Disney+, The Mandalorian is preparing its third season despite some delays due to the pandemic. In the meantime, fans of Star Wars can find The Boba Fett Bookalso on Disney+ since December 29, 2021. Trailer:

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