The Bold Type, season 5: explanations and revelations about the series finale

The Bold Type

Showrunner Wendy Straker deciphers the end of Jane, Sutton and Kat’s adventures.

As announced for months, Jane, Sutton and Kat said their farewells. Last night, season 5 this The Bold Type found its conclusion, marking the end of the series. Attention spoilers!

Jane realized that she had to become a writer, while Jacqueline came to the conclusion that Scarlet’s future was… Kat, promoted to editor-in-chief, not without having reunited with Adena. As for Sutton, she found Richard who realized that she meant more to him than his desire for a child. Showrunner Wendy Straker explains it all in a interview with TVLine.

She already reveals that it was not necessarily planned, from the start, that Kat would become the boss. “It really happened when we found out that the fifth would be the last season, and that it would be shorter. We really wanted to bring Kat back to Scarlet with the girls, and that’s where it came from. Then we thought about what Jane would like to do with her life and found that Kat came naturally into it all, in this place. “

Sure enough, Jane resigned. She went far away, to travel. Or ? In many ways, its ending is the most mysterious, admits the showrunner, who finds it more exciting: “It feels like she has this big trip to herself, in part because she has always been so determined to find out where she wanted to go in her life. Today, she realizes that this inner exploration must begin. So I think she’s going to travel the world. I think she will always be a writer. I think she just can’t breathe without writing. And I’m also excited to imagine where she’s going. I think she will have a great, awesome and amazing trip. She might not come back to New York for a very, very long time. “ And the screenwriter to specify that, on the heart side, she may not “call Scott back before a while… She needs an affair. She needs something away from Scarlet. She needs to explore. “

Fortunately, the same was not true for Sutton and Richard. We finally understand that they will end together. “We went deep into our hearts for this couple because we had a bunch of different endings. In the end, this was the one that felt right to me. I’m so, so glad we did it, because I think I would have regretted it, if it had ended some other way. But we didn’t want Sutton to change her mind, and at the same time, we didn’t want Sutton to lose the love of her life because she didn’t want to have children. And we really believe Richard is still madly in love with Sutton. The thought of not living with her was much, much more painful than the reality of not having children … “

In France, The Bold Type can be seen on Amazon Prime Video.

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