The book of solutions: Pierre Niney will be the star of Michel Gondry’s next film

“I understood why I was a godfather: we are going to shoot our next film together.”

In the last news, Michel gondry wanted to adapt Alice climbed onto the table, by Jonathan Lethem, for Amazon Prime Video, but the director eventually branched off to another project, reveals French Film : he wants to shoot The Solution Books, a dramatic comedy, which will be carried by Pierre Niney and will be shot in Cantal in June 2022. He will meet again for the occasion with producer Georges Bermann of Partizan Films.

If we do not yet know the details of the plot, the director ofEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind explains why he wanted to direct the actor, who received the Caesar for Yves Saint Laurent, in 2015, and which is currently a hit at the cinema in Black Box : “Nine years ago, for his nomination as a young hopeful at the César, Pierre Niney chose me as his godfather. I was flattered although I did not really understand this function. Should I send him a gift for his birthday? I decided to keep an eye on this young actor and to appreciate his talent and his evolution. The finesse, the depth of his playing and his choices brought him to the fore of the actors of his generation. So I understood why I was godfather: we’re going to shoot our next film together. “

This is the director’s first French-language project since Microbe and Diesel, released in the cinema during the summer of 2015. Since then, he has shot the two seasons of the series Kidding, worn by Jim Carrey, and several music videos, notably for M and the Chemical Brothers.

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