The Boys spin-off superstar Golden Boy teased in this new video

The boys spin-off

A young aspiring “Supe”, who is already talking about him at Godolkin University.

After revealing the release date for Season 3 of The Boys, Prime Video has uploaded a new episode of the Webcast Seven on 7 by Vought News Network.

And in this January 2022 issue, presenter Cameron Coleman (Matthew Edison) talks about young Supes in the making. These students, aspiring superheroes, who are at Vought University, called Godolkin University, and who, above all, will be at the center of the future series derived from The Boys, already ordered by Amazon.

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The video (below) tells us more about the mythology surrounding this spin-off: “In just a few short months, the best and brightest young heroes at Godolkin University will see their dreams come true or fall apart – because everything they’ve trained for the past four years is going to culminate in this: the draft! “

As is practiced in US sports (in NBA, NFL etc.) the young talents of the university will therefore be selected by the professional teams, in this case the cities, which are looking for a new Supe to protect them. And as for great sportsmen, there is the key “lucrative contractsSeveral major cities in America are to be filled this year, notably Los Angeles and Miami.

Especially this episode of Seven on 7 tells us about a certain Golden Boy. This student endowed with a still unknown power is a Junior of Godolkin University, that is to say that he is not yet eligible for the draft. It will be in January 2023, and should be the first choice! The future number 1. A Supe who can certainly even hope to integrate the flagship team of Seven des The Boys. And of course, this Golden Boy will be at the center of the spin-off, which has no date yet but should be released in 2022 on Prime Video.

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