The Boys: the answers to the questions we ask ourselves after the start of season 3

The Boys season 3

Starlight and Homelander, the Butcher crack and the Stormfront case explained.

The least we can say is that the first three episodes of The Boys were shattering. But they left a few questions unanswered and here are some answers to questions you may be asking yourself… Spoiler alert!

Why did Starlight kiss Homelander on stage at the end of Episode 3?

“I think she was looking at him, and her intention was to say: There can be two of us playing this game! If you want to play with me, I’m not going to let it go. I’m going to resist and I’ll play too!” responds actress Erin Moriarty interviewed by TV Line. “At this point, she is still committed to her position as co-captain and she has been convinced by Hughie to continue playing. So she thinks that’s what she should do. She sees this kiss as her commitment to her role as co-captain, and as a challenge set by Homelander, which she thereby accepts.”

The Boys and Season 3’s giant penis caught on set

How will Hughie react and how will this affect his relationship with Annie?

Hughie is so well-meaning and loves her so much. But no one could understand how awkward and scary it is to be around Homelander every day. So she feels like Hughie doesn’t really understand her, although she’s once again willing to go the extra mile and stay put, if it can help them defeat him.” continues Moriarty. “VSIt’s so uncomfortable for her that she feels a form of lack of empathy from Hughie. And that catalyzes some of the complications in their relationship this season.”

Why is Butcher cracking up and taking a dose of Compound-V?

Karl Urban Explain in Digital Spy the surprise choice of his character and promises that he is “very aware of what he is doing. There is a specific scene with him where you come to understand that he has no illusions about who he is anymore! He knows exactly what he is and what he does.That being said, Butcher faces a moral dilemma here: “Does he have to turn into a demon to fight this demon? If I do, what will be the consequence, not only for me but for the loved ones around?”

The Boys season 3

Is Stormfront really dead this time?

We thought the “Nazi bitch” at the bottom of a grave at the end of season 2. And her actress too: “I didn’t tell Aya Cash at the end of season 2 that she was coming back“, reveals the showrunner Eric Kripke at EWbefore specifying:We left her alive very intentionally and wanted her to be part of season 3 in some way..” We’re told she survived being blown up by Becca’s son…so she could better masturbate Homelander when he’s stressed! “She’s lost her legs, but she’s got a good arm that’s still good. So we thought that was a good way to use Stormfront, to release Homelander’s tension.”, laughs Antony Starr, who explains why Homelander kept her alive. But the super villain will put an end to her days fairly quickly, realizing that her lover will never go through with his delirium of purifying the human race. Stormfront is dead this time. And Aya Cash spent two weeks in quarantine in Toronto to shoot a single day of filming. “She will be sorely missed, but will be remembered forever, as the one who jerked off Homelander“, laughs the actress.

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