The Bronzés are skiing: “It was not a real toad, it was even very drinkable”

Les Bronzés go skiing

Director Patrice Leconte gives us heaps of memories of his cult film.

We take advantage of the rebroadcast of Tanned go skiing this evening on TF1 to once again share the excellent anecdotes of Patrice Leconte detailed during the Première Cinéma Club organized at Les Fauvettes, in Paris, in October 2016.

“I’m going to make a terrible confession: I hate this music! It’s Pierre Bachelet, may he rest in peace, who composed Les Bronzés do ski, and that title… from the first hearing, I didn’t like it. Everyone remembers it so it’s very good, but the fact of going down this staircase to this music, I almost missed two steps!” Patrice Leconte was in great shape during the presentation of his cult comedy released in 1979. The director of tanned and its sequels gave many anecdotes about the shooting and the excellent atmosphere that reigned within the Splendid team to the public during the last First Cinema Club, organized at Les Fauvettes, end of October. Present before the screening of the film, he said he was delighted and always surprised that it was such a hit with each TV broadcast (“My wife saw it again recently, I heard her curl up, so I watched a bit with her…and I thought it was really funny!”), then he came back after the session to talk again about the Tanned go skiingdelivering details on the best scenes and enjoying the screening of the excellent parody of What’s The Mashupwhich mixes the delirious dialogues of its comedy with the images of 8 Bastards of Quentin Tarantino.

The 8 Bastards version Les Bronzés go skiing

Here is the podcast of the evening, not to be missed if you like The Bronzed :

Selected pieces :

“No, it wasn’t a real toad, it was even very drinkable…he laughs about the famous sequence where the friends are collected by mountain people who make them taste their local specialties. There were no worms on the toast either. But we cried with laughter while filming that. Jean-Francois Robin, the cinematographer, closed one eye to look into the camera, and I saw tears of laughter flowing down. He had to control himself so as not to shake the camera, because he had fits of laughter.”

My cult scene of the Bronzés are skiing by Patrice Leconte

But in fact ? Were the actors good skiers? “Some were very good, like Thierry Lhermitte and Christian Keyboardand others were breles. Gerard Jugnot is a little self-taught, but he goes everywhere. Marie Anne Chazel applies. Michael Whitelet’s not talk about it, it’s a disaster, and Josiane Balasko wonders what she’s doing on skis. The characters were therefore not written in spite of common sense, they were written by themselves to correspond to what they are on skis facing slopes. Myself, I am comparable to Gerard Jugnot. I have no style but nothing scares me… Anyway, we’re not going to demonstrate, so I can tell you what I want! (laughs)”

Patrice Leconte Premiere Cinema Club
Patrice Leconte for Premiere

“I’m very flattered when I go skiing and hear ‘Etoile des Neiges’ being sung. It’s joyful! About ‘When will you see me again, wonderful country?’ think that Michael White sings ‘Snow Star’. This was the case on the set, then we realized during the editing that the rights to the song cost the skin of the buttocks. Pierre Bachelet said to me: ‘It doesn’t matter, we’re going to do it ‘in the manner of’ with the help of rhymes’. It’s funny the auditory memory, people imagine that he really sings ‘Etoile des Neiges'”

See the “live-tweet” of the evening

In a more serious register, he specifies that his first cut originally lasted 2h10, but that all the deleted scenes, in particular those with Martin Lamotte in nightclubs, were destroyed because storing them was very expensive. “It’s special to think that everything we cut no longer exists. We edited a lot of scenes and we’ll never see the 40 minutes more. There was a lot of very funny stuff, but which were too many.” Trailer of the Bronzés are skiing:

“Not proud of Bronzés 3”, Michel Blanc does not want a fourth installment

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